Should I Go Skydiving?


Are you older than 18, or older than 16 with your parents/guardian written permission?

Tandem Jumpers in Freefall
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You must either be older than 18. Or, aged between 16 and 18 and have written permission from your parents or guardian. No drop zone in the UK will allow you to jump otherwise.

Will you start your skydive training before your 55th Birthday?

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The British Parachuting Association have analyzed skydiving injury data, and have found that the risk of injury increases with age. Mid-fifties have been identified as a 'tipping point', and hence a cut-off of 55 years of age. However, you can do a tandem skydive at any age.

Are you happy to accept some risk?

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While Skydiving is safer than what most people think, there are inherent risk involved when you throw yourself out of a plane. If you are not prepared to accept any risk, then skydiving is not for you.

Are you heavier than 15st (210ib/95kg)

Weighing Scales
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Parachutes have a maximum weight capacity (wing loading). the larger a parachute, the greater its wing loading. However, parachutes can only go so large.

Are you a sourpuss, that hates fun and wants to be miserable?

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Skydiving is a sociable sport. So if you can't take a joke, or if you're the kind of person that ruins other people's fun, then skydiving probably isn't for you.

Are you able to regularly make it to a drop zone (DZ)?

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There is no totally wrong answer here. But if you can't make it regularly to a DZ, then perhaps a one-off or series of tandem jumps is your best option. Skydiving as a hobby, requires regular practice. Regular practice is such a big deal that if you don't jump for a certain period of time you will be required to perform a 're-currency' jump with an instructor before you are allowed to solo jump again.

Should I Go Skydiving?
Are You Ready To Skydive?

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