Adrenaline Now

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

– Helen Keller

Our Mission

The Origin Story

Welcome to Adrenaline Now.
This website is the result of needing to come out of my comfort  zone, and actually start doing things that remind me that I’m alive. Working in front of excel spreedsheets and ‘gyming’ in the evening is existing, not living.

While my main interests are in skydiving, climbing and freediving, I’m always eager to try something new that gets the adrenal gland going, so expect to see a vast and eclectic range of extreme sports on here.

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What to Expect

Expect a lot about of content to be about extreme sport activities. There will, however,  be articles and other forms of content on holidays and product reviews.

  • Activities
  • Gear/Equipment
  • Venues and Competitions
  • Top Extreme Sports Holiday Destinations

If you think I should cover something, but can’t find it on here, feel free to send an email.

Core Values

I am not an aspiring Sky-God, nor is Adrenaline Now only for elite level athletes.

I hope Adrenaline Now appeals to the aspiring adrenaline junkie, the newbies, and the lifelong adrenaline seekers.

I hope to be able to share my adrenaline fueled experiences, and also hear about yours too.

But, the guiding ethos can be outlined in four words:


Not looking for anything specific, but just want a good read about extreme sports and thrill seeking?

Then, click here

Who doesn’t enjoy 120mph+ freefall, with a swooping session for good measure?

Whether you’re new to the sport, or an old hand, hopefully our Skydiving blog has something of interest to you.

Hold your breath. We’re about to start writting these.

Once the powder has melted, we’ll be back to write up our articles

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Explore The World

Land, Air, or Sea.

Adrenaline Now will show you where the best places are, so you can get your next adrenaline rush.

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